What is Spice Money – Money Transfer Business?

The primary reason for Spice Money was to create an B2B Travel and Tourism solution, but slowly, it was transformed into a B2B Spice Money transfer.

Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. The services provided by Spice Money

2.1 Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

2.2 Ticket booking services

2.3 Bill Payment and Recharge Services

3. Spice Mudra or the Spice Money Wallet

4. 4. Spice Money Log-in features

5. Conclusion

1. Introduction:

Spice Money is the money transaction service introduced in the year 2000 by Spice Digital to cater to its clients. The money transaction service offers various services to merchants and retail counters that are involved in it. This lucrative service for money transactions is offered in seven different languages.

The vast array of services offered through Spice Money includes utility payment services such as traveling bookings, Aadhaar based mini-ATM, money transfer and remittance. It also includes selling or buying insurance gold.

The money from Spice also participates in micro-payments for remittances and services where the sender offers an amount of cash or money to the seller and the receiver receives the cash and credits it on their accounts digitally.

Spice Money got initially launched in 2013 in the hope of offering business solutions for Travel and Tourism. The primary reason behind the company was to develop B2B travel and Tourism solution, but slowly, it transformed to B2B Spice Money transfer.

2. The services provided to customers by Spice Money:

2.1 Aadhaar Enabled Payment System:

The most recent change from the point of view of Spice Money is that now it is able to process payments using Aadhaar Enabled Payment System. Prior to the launch of the service Spice Money had assured all its merchants that they already had the authorization by the National Payments Corporation of India in October.

What exactly is Aadhaar Enabled Payment System? It’s a fast and simple system that assists people to complete the financial transactions he needs to make at the micro-ATM. To access this feature, the user can make use of the Aadhaar Card and present his biometric identification to begin his transactions.

One thing to keep in mind is that micro-ATMs need to be provided by the bank’s associate. In simple terms the system operates with the banks that are in support of it, and not with others.

To reduce the impact of the impact of this feature, and also to make it possible to use Aadhaar Payroll Enabled System across the majority of the nation, the company has begun to set up Aadhaar Mini ATMs that are Aadhaar-enabled in a variety of Spice Money retail counters. Spice Money is not the only company that has received approval from NPCI to implement AEPS Even the company that handles payments Oxigen has been granted permission to carry out the process.

Spice Money has already set up its mini ATMs in about 11,000 rural areas, that includes many rural states like Jharkhand, Bihar, and Orissa. Apart from AEPS payment systems, Spice Money Transfer also offers a variety of payment options like UPI as well as QR Scan and MPOS.

2.2 Ticket booking services:

Another benefit that is a major benefit of Spice Money is providing Travel and Tourism solutions for Travel and Tourism. Simply put it allows you to bypass the long lines at train stations, airports, bus stations and hotels , and allows you to make reservations directly via their agent.

Spice Money provides all its agents with the ability to book tickets to train stations that will assist them to become an IRCTC certified train ticketing company. This feature can assist agents earn a substantial amount of money as commission on the sale of every ticket, and it also provides incentives for their customers every month.

An important point to be noted to note one thing to remember is Spice Money is the only company offering a commission to train passengers. It’s not just trains, you are able to book hotels as well as bus tickets and flights with Spice Money.

Spice money provides an efficient and speedy interface for agents to the booking of tickets for customers via one wallet system. Additionally the wallet can be recharged by using a variety of methods including D.D., Credit Card Cash and Debit Card Cheque, as well as Net Banking.

2.3 Bill Payment and Recharge Services:

Similar to different UPI as well Wallet services, Spice Money offers day-to-day functions such as bill payment, DTH recharges, and phone recharges. The services are available to customers at their homes through their agents’ network. This feature will allow customers to pay their bills in a quick and easy location.

Spice Money also houses a rapid interface, allowing recharges and bill payments are done in just a few just a few seconds. Each year, around 6 billion rupees are earned by the most popular cities in India through bill payment and recharges.

In this regard To facilitate this, the Reserve Bank of India has created a mandated system under the name of Bharat Bill Payment System. This system is a reliable, secure as well as security for consumers through integrated and interoperable bill payment solutions around the globe.

3. Spice Mudra or the Spice Money Wallet:

Spice Digital previously had acquired permission from The Reserve Bank of India to begin a service for wallets. By utilizing its wallet license Spice Digital launched its wallet service under its name Spice Mudra in September 2015. Spice Mudra Wallet Spice Mudra Wallet also gets known as Spice Money Wallet.

The principal goal of this Spice Money Wallet is to concentrate on remittances and transfers that happen in the domestic. There are more than 3000 retailer locations that are affiliated with Spice Money will help payments as well as other transactions with the use the wallets. The company is already working to extend this service to other offerings including recharges, bill payment, as well as ticket reservation.

In the middle of the year of 2018, Spice Money reached a total value of transactions that was over one million U.S. dollars

4. Spice Money Log-in features:

It’s possible that this is the one that everyone has on their heads right today. How do I sign-up or log in to this thriving portal that offers various services. It’s quite simple.

4.1 First you must click the ” Sign Up Now’ option that will be displayed on the site.

4.2 After you click on it and you are redirect to an sign-up page. In this page, you’ll need to complete three steps.

4.3 In the the beginning, you must complete your necessary information like name, email-id or phone number, address, as well as your pin number.

4.4 This is the next step , where you must add your PAN card along with the number to prove your identity. Additionally, you need to add an I.D. as proof of address.

4.5 At the 3rd step, you need to upload your image. In the next step, you will need to declare which services you’re registered as an agent for Spice Money. The options available to you include IRCTC Booking, Distributor, Retailer and the Spice Money ATM and account services.

Once you’ve filled out the form, it will be examined thoroughly. If the application is cleared with no ambiguities, you will be presented with the Spice Money Agent ID and an account password. Therefore, each when you attempt to login into Spice Money Portal Spice Money Portal, you must enter your login details, which include the agent’s ID as well as your password.

5. Conclusion:

As with all other payment options in the country, Spice Money offers lucrative services and features. Although it does not offer promotions like cash backs or discounts It has a simple and simple interface. It’s a blessing for those with little understanding of smartphones, because Spice Money comprises of agents who can make this process more comfortably for them.

The company provides job opportunities to many and has also solved a lot of issues of customers in a matter of short periods of time. This service is rapidly growing in the rural regions of our nation.

Shreyas Aravind is mechanical engineer by profession. He is an excellent speaker and writes with enthusiasm. Shreyas also a fast student and a fervent fan.

Disclaimer: The views, opinions, and thoughts expressed in the article are curated to suit the benefit of our readers, and we cannot guarantee 100 percent exactness. The information contained in the article can be changed in accordance with the evolving views. Please contact us via [email protected] to inquire about any changes or concerns regarding copyright.

Spice Money Commission List 2021, Spice Money Atm Commission

Spice Money Commission List 2021, Spice Money Atm Commission SPICE MONEY AGENT SPICE MONEY B2B money money spice money login the spice money portal, spice money b2b spice money aeps logins, spice money portal and login of the spice money agent the b2b login for spice money

Spice Money Commission list Dear friends We will reveal the amount of commission you get for working in the Spice Money Company. New Spice Money is the largest business to expand at a the fastest rate that provides the top services to its clients, and the information you will find here.

If you’re running an accounts with any other company that Spice Money, then immediately quit that organization to sign up with Spice Money, because you are given the chance to earn a higher compensation here, and also an excellent customer service here. In order to ensure that you don’t encounter any issues while working.

Registration of Spice Money 2021

Service Nameb2b spice money,Spice Money Commission List 2020
Service TypeSpice Money B2B Service
SpiceMoney Mini ATM Pricecheck website
WebsteClick HERE

Get a free Spice money ID. Watch Video

Recently, Spice Money has launched an offer that gives you a an absolutely free Spice Money IDs until 31 June. If you’re looking to acquire your internet-based Spice Money ID for free prior to 31 March, you can get your ID absolutely free by viewing the following video. Huh

What is the Spice Money Commission / b2b spice money Commission?

What Spice Money Commission gives and the amount of commission given for which services, we will give you all the details regarding this Spice Money Commission list here. Spice Money gives you a significant amount of commission on AEPS and money transfer services. In addition, inform us that you can avail these services through Spice Money, cash withdrawal or Balance inquiry, PAN cards insurance, mini bank statement mobile recharge, DTH recharge and bill payment, among others. A good commission has been set over the services.

Spice Money AEPS Commission List 2020

Spice Money, which is the only business with the highest commissions and reliability it has been operating for quite a while and provides its customers with an excellent service. When using Spice Money, the customer receives a fee of up to 10 rupees for every transaction.

In addition to this other businesses do not offer you this much commission and if you find a company paying more commission than it could be fraudulent as companies that pay higher commissions in this market tend to be frauds.

However, Spice Money Company has been providing the highest percentage of commissions for quite a while and people place the greatest confidence in this. Spice Money Company has created two commission structures which we will provide below.

B2B Spice Money Commission Chart?

This Spice Money Commission Slab is divided into two parts , and customers are given the choice to select his commission according to. Therefore, we will provide you with the details and the commission structure of each commission slab here You can earn any kind of commission you want by placing that commission in the Spice Money account.

b2b Spice Money AEPS Commission Slab 1
Amount SlabCommission
200 Rs -299 Rs.50 Rs
1000 Rs -1499 Rs1 Rs
1500 Rs -1999 Rs3 Rs
2000 Rs -2499 Rs4 Rs
2500 Rs -2999 Rs5 Rs
3000 Rs -7999 Rs7 Rs
8000 Rs & Above10 Rs
Spice Money AEPS Commission Slab 2
Amount SlabCommission
200 Rs -299 Rs.50 Rs
1000 Rs -1499 Rs1 Rs
1500 Rs -1999 Rs3 Rs
2000 Rs -2999 Rs3 Rs
3000 Rs -3499 Rs10 Rs
3500 Rs -10000 Rs5 Rs
Spice Money Mini ATM Commission? / Spice Money Mini ATM Commission?

If you purchase a mini ATM installed by Spice Money, you can still earn the highest fee on it. As we’re able to inform you that in order to purchase an Spice Money mini ATM machine you must make one deposit. You will not be charged a fees.

This means that after you have deposited money, after you have run the machine, you’ll be able to continue receiving the commissions it pays and there is no obligation to pay a monthly fee or pay any rent charges.

How to get Spice Money Mini ATM / How To Get Spice Money MINI ATM?

If you are planning to set up Spice Money mini ATM at your business, you must contact the number provided here. After that, you’ll have to provide the required documents and then deposit the amount required to take Spice Money Mini ATM to the account of Spice Money. After that, Spice Money, ATM will be delivered to your address, and you’ll be able make use of it quickly.

The documents required to take advantage of the Spice Money ATM?

  • Color aadhar card both side
  • Original Pan card
  • Passbook for banks (or cancel check) Original
  • Size of photo for passport
  • E mail ID
  • mobile number
  • If you’ve registered for a Spice Money ID, then your User ID

Spice money registration important links 2021

Spice money registration 2021Click Here
Spice Money Free ID ApplyClick Here
Spice Money Sub DistributerClick Here
Spice Money DistributerClick Here
Spice Money Commission ListClick Here
Spice Money AEPS CommissionClick Here
Spice Money ATM CommissionClick Here
Spice Money Agent ID Free ApplyClick Here
Spice Money LoginClick Here
Spice Money ApplicationClick Here

Spice Money Mini Statement Commission / Spice Money Mini Statement Commission Chart

We can inform you , even if you get the mini-statement of the bank, along together with Spice Money, the provision of granting you a commission is decided in the hands of Spice Money. This means that you could earn a commission 1 rupee or more on the extraction of Prithvi mini statements. The more you download the mini-statement from this and the more you earn commission.

Spice Money Money Transfer Commission / Spice Money Money Transfer Commission Chart?

As you may have guessed, most Money transfer companies are available by Spice Money, so sending money to one another is much simpler and faster. If you wish to transfer money to anyone, you’ll need Spice Money Money Transfer Services to do this. Must be utilized.

Utilizing Spice Money’s Spice Money Money Transfer service it is possible to transfer money from anywhere in India in just a couple of minutes. It is easy accomplished.

It is the Spice Money Money Transfer Commission chart is as follows.

Spice Money Pen Card Agency Commission Chart / Spice Money Pan Card Commission?

Spice Money provides PAN card service to its customers. Customers can create the PAN card. The cardholder is able to use it without difficulty, even paying a minimal fee to where using the PAN card becomes much more simple and less complicated. It is easy to make PAN card and get an attractive commission when you create a PAN card.

The money is removed from your wallet after you have deducted your commission on each PAN card issued through Spice Money.

Spice Money Rail Agency Commission Chart / Spice Money Rail Tikit Booking Commission?

As you may know the train booking service is also offered by Spice Money, but for this to work, you must activate the agency service within the rail using the rail account on your Spice Money ID, for which you’ll have to pay a few additional fees. Once you have done this, the IRCTC Agent ID will be activated, and you can begin booking tickets for trains from this website.

How do I become an Spice Money Agent? / How To Get Spice Money Agent ID?

If you are interested in becoming an Spice Money Agent and want to earn a substantial commission when you join it, you need to call the contact number listed below. After that, you’ll need to establish an account for your Spice Money Agent ID by offering your documents for a Spice Money Agent ID. Then, you must pay the fee into an official account with Spice Money, only then the ID is issued.

SPICE MONEY NEW AGENT ID FAQ / Spice Money Atm Commission

What is Spice Money?

Spice Money is a service provider that allows you to create a store using the following services such as withdrawing cash, making money transfers checking bank balances, mini statements, PAN card agency, train ticket booking agent mobile recharge, bill payment, bus reservation and air ticket booking and more. Many other services are available to you on this site.

How old do I have to be to be in order to become a SPICE MONIES AGENT?

If you are interested in becoming an agent for Spice Money, then you must be at least 18 years of age.

For those who do not have a PAN card? is it possible for Bah SPICE MONEY AGENT to be created?

To become an Spice Money Agent, you need to have Aadhaar Card and a PAN card, without this, you will not be able to become an Spice Money Agent.

How long will it take to become a SPICE MONEY AGENT?

If you’re ready to be an Spice Money Agent, then it can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours before you can become a SPICEMONEY AGENT. After that, you become an Spice Money Agent.

Banking Services

Spice Money is committed to reduce the digital divide between rural and urban India by offering basic financial and banking services for all – instantly and securely. Spice Money’s banking services have made cash Deposit withdrawals, Cash Deposit, as well as Money Transfer easily accessible to the population that is not banked India. Anyone can now access these services, without even visiting their banks. All they need to do is join the robust Spice Money Adhikari network.

AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System)

This Spice Money AePS service allows customers to make use of the Aadhaar card to open the bank account linked to their Aadhaar and make basic bank transactions such as deposits, withdrawals or balance inquiries, as well as transfer of funds. These transactions are completed using a secure Biometric scanner, which is offered in all Adhikaris available at Spice Money, along with Digital Dukaan.

Money Transfer (DMT)

Spice Money customers can transfer money between various banks across a large network. Through the use of Adhikaris customers can transfer funds to all the major banks, both private and national, operating in India. It is a safe money transfer method that uses different levels of authentication that ensure maximum security. Spice Money Wallet is an RBI authorized semi-closed PPI wallet that is linked to the mobile number of the recipient that makes it extremely safe.

Cash withdrawals through mini ATM

With the assistance of the Spice Money MiniATM system, Adhikaris are now able to take cash from their customers using debit & Credit cards. Cash withdrawals can be made using all major credit cards, including RuPay, Master, Visa and Maestro.


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